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Similar to Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Amazon Prime, Revelaction.TV gives you a Christian Entertainment alternative with a focus on promoting the Kingdom of God through media in a very new and refreshing way. 

When you subscribe Revelaction.Tv, you will be joining a movement. Yes, a movement of very talented, passionate and determined people of God who believe that we can change the world though media and entertainment. We won’t rest until we do just that.

When you join Revelaction TV, you have an entertainment source that’s designed for you, your family and your friends. Our shows are designed with you in mind and portrays the real Christian experience. These are shows that you can be proud to watch and proud of being a part of.

Revelaction TV is growing and part of that growth includes you and your involvement. No matter what level you’d like to be involved in, your involvement is crucial. Join us as a partner in the development. Help us change the look of the entertainment industry.

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