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About Us

Sometimes, all we want to do is sit down and watch some good entertainment. We just want some shows with content and programing that has a biblical world view and is true to reality.

However, what we generally find are shows that are actually immoral propaganda, wrong views of the supernatural and shows to keep us from knowing the truth. They don’t come close to having a Christian/Biblical worldview, but are trying to get us to accept the world’s view. We live in a system that continually feeds or should I say, pushes information to the public twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. This information comes in the form of news, sports, entertainment and/or music. The continued growth of media technology has given us the ability, through ‘Streaming’, ‘On Demand’ and ‘Subscription Service’ systems, to give us the shows that we’re specifically interested in watching. The way that it is put is that, “We can now get the entertainment content that we want when we want it and where we want it.”

However, within all of the streaming and on-demand viewing and listening programming available, that we have access to, it is almost impossible to find good Christian programming that’s readily accessible.  Whether you’re looking for music, television series, news, movies and/or documentaries, when it comes to promoting the kingdom of God and independent artists in media, there is challenge finding quality material. And, that is where Revelaction TV comes in.

Similar to Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Amazon, the creation of Revelaction TV gives you a Christian Entertainment alternative with a focus on promoting the Kingdom of God through independent artists. Here are five of the reason to take a look at Revelaction TV. And, afterwards, hopefully you’ll be motivated to join the Revelaction TV with a subscription to the service. We believe that you will want to make Revelaction TV a part of your life.

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